23 thoughts on “The Moon & The Wolf

  1. “When I see your heart
    I’ll show you mine
    Be your Wolf
    And howl all night.”

    Loved it! 😊
    Sorry I am really bad with comments 🙇‍♀️ but know that I really enjoy your poems! They are powerful indeed!
    Keep writing 😊

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    1. Apology accepted, haha!
      The fact that you left a comment is more than enough to make me happy. And don’t worry, I myself am not good with comments, sometimes I spend more than ten minutes trying to figure out what to comment on someone’s post (even now while replying to this, haha). The intent is what I admire and I think that’s what really matters. Thank you so much for the support, Sirishty! I’m so glad you liked this. Know that your comments and posts are something I always look forward to. You have a lovely weekend ❤❤

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  2. “Floating in the air
    As light as a feather
    I’m not living in the moment
    Eyes gazing
    At something interstellar
    Out in the dark
    Oh how lonely you are”

    This gave me the feels, such a familiar feeling in text. Love this, AB.

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