Sometimes I feel like…
snap…(radio crackling)
Woke up in a dream today
Stepping on cold glass
My feet don’t move anymore
Wasn’t just about yesterday
I’m reimagining things
Still trying to find a cure
And every day is a relapse
To my old self
Never stepping forward
Always backtracking to hell
Draining my soul, a worm
Inside my skin
I feel it reaching out
The crawl within
The urge to pass out
To burn it all down
The pain..
And how do you sell yourself?
Trying to live another day
Or dying to live
Another way
Sometimes I feel like a prophet
Preaching the sound
Of a lifestyle
In the name of art
I’ve already sold my soul
Not for what it’s worth
Only for how it could hurt..
And what about the lifestyle?
Burning, hurting you inside
The pressure of your own self
Pushing you down, arising
The pain..
Emotions keep us alive
And eventually, make us die
And after all these years
What about the lifestyle?
“I’m consuming, learning to
Accept pain
As the lifestyle..”

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