He’s cold
And hurt by his own measures
He’s afraid of the dark
But can’t face the light either
“It’s too bright to breathe
At least the dark lets me”
Crashing through the window pane
Screaming out the anger
Hitting everything as hard as he can
As silent as ever
The eyes are moist
But the tears won’t flow out
He’s too afraid to let it all out
Won’t say the words he has to
The mind has thousands
They are almost in his mouth
And he swallows them down
“Words can’t fix this
They’re too heavy on me”
The other side of the glass
Is just as messy
Walking on thin ice
He’s still rolling the dice
Doesn’t want to win
Just wants to break the jinx
He wants to finish this game
For it’s been more than a decade
Having walked a hundred miles
The ice doesn’t break
Nor does it thicken
It’s got a hold on him
And the game continues..
One hand shooting his dice
“Here’s yours”, says with the other
He looks at his enemy
Straight down in the icy mirror.
Originally posted on August 28, 2020

33 thoughts on “The Jinx

  1. I had the image of every line in my mind! You had put a lot of feeling into it.
    Painfully beautiful!💕
    He’ll win and break the jinx! The ice will melt and will let him free soon. It’s almost done and it’s quite his time now.❤

    Liked by 3 people

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