(While you waited for me
To define words
I had you …)
When I pretend..
I’m exactly like what
You’d always wanted to see
Blinding the notion
Of myself
The idea to be free
And while I regretted inside
I was committed to be
Something on the outside
The fact that I
Took what I hated
And made it a part of me
Is burning me, I try
Still I can’t hide
The cause of our downside
Now we wonder
What’s real in this
So called wonderland
The seeds we sowed down
Are now the same thorns
Pricking our hands
We’re both out of time
And this is how
We see it all unwind
The sacrifice of us
Hiding from the light
Into the lies
The sacrifice of us
Being blind, and
Never looking behind
And how do you define words?
The very things
That help you put feelings
In a straight line
The feelings that are now
Dangling behind
Worn out of our lies
Shattered into a thousand
Tiny hearts, almost
Like tiny shards
Still left undefined.

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