Hollow from the top
To the bottom
On diagonal thoughts
Leave no stains
Distorted truths
Exhibiting treacherous lies
“I see it right through you”
But all in vain..
Behind burning street lamps
Smoking glass panels
All the rust and concrete
Piece by piece
Sticking all the white lies
Building paper love, but
See through the lines, oh
“A papercut is just fine”
But look at the bright sight
The other side
Of the smoky essence
Dragging life behind
No commitment
And no offence..
With all the sunset creeps
Never getting the idea
Of a sunrise ease
The crumpled paper left behind
Torn into half
The picture in it
Not to be redefined
The wilted flowers
Fallen leaves, uncolored
All speaking the same sound
Still very unclear..
The ink at the back though
Was free of any smudge
Hollow words, hollow promises
With diagonal thoughts
Inking wildfire
To skin and bones.

10 thoughts on “Ink

  1. You are right, AB, Sometimes, the criminal intelligence, those who break into other people’s whatsapp messages rather see the victims as hollow. But they forget it is better to be hollow than to use God- giving talents to break into people’s privacy.

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