Strolling down the alley
Thundering clouds
Mystified surroundings
The rain burning the skin
With acidic questions
Suggestions only
Power to rejection
Seeing through
The wet strands of hair
With dirt intact
Easily allowing
The decay of heart
Let the hurt get back
Step by step,
and drop by drop
Starts walking backwards
To reinitiate the past
“Did I drop something
Or did I
Forget to step back?”
Whoosh past
the ding-ding pedals
Drenched all over
Going after medals
At the corner…
(Wakes up,
in and out of it)
blood soaked streamlets
…hello, this is (blank),
I’m calling you from..
…that tree in the park
the lap that allows me
to rest my heart..
…back to the alley
Soaking in the acid
I can’t carry you now
Not forever..
But this rain I can
Every drop of it
Rusted in my skin
Whatever I need to sever.

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