This is the closest we are
Here, in this moment
Walking towards one another
Grasping everything at once
Stealing glances
Smiling all at once
And after we get to
Hold hands
This might be the closest
We ever get to be
And when your lips
Beg me to stay
I’d leave the best of me
Here with you, forever
In your eyes I’d bloom
Drawing love from you
Giving you so much more
And when you’re too shy
I’d close my eyes
Just this one time
Allow you to believe
We’re not broken pixels anymore
There’s no blank left to see
And for how close we are
I’d make you listen to my heart
Kiss your lips
To know all that’s unsaid
Breathe in more than usual
To carry your scent home
This is how close we are
In just a few days
Hundreds of miles apart
While your eyes hate
To see me go away
I’ll kiss you one last time
And promise you this…
Wrapped in
Moonlight and stardust
I’ll return to you
Only you..
In the night bearing
A thousand stars
You’re my wish come true.

22 thoughts on “Broken Pixels

    1. Thank you, Vignesh! Although I can’t take credit for the ending, it still is very very special to me. Glad you liked it 😊


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