She’s got something about her
She can’t be manipulated
Carefree, stubborn
Wild, always wears a smile
She fakes a laugh
And even the glitter in her eyes
She’s been playing hard to get
Only wants love
Don’t know how to keep up
She loves when guys fall for her
Loves their “I LOVE YOUsss”
But never wants to give it back
Don’t know how to choose
There’s something about her
That sets her apart
Don’t give a shit about things
Won’t let you inside her heart
She’s not known for her anger
But knows how to be sad
Wants to live life a bit younger
Likes to play a little bad
She’s got something about her
Her tresses wave around
Dancing in the cool breeze
Her hands glide past as she moves
And you can feel her breathe
There’s something about her
She can’t be manipulated
Chose to break a heart
To look out for love
Said someone forced her
To do what she did, not proud of it
She’s got tons of troubles
Far off to run away from
Has a heart full of sweetness
Always wanting a little more
Of the love that never got around
Don’t know how to make decisions
Never holds a thought for too long
Loves being mischievous
Lots of desires to choose from
I know a girl
In a far away land
There’s something about her
Little fear, little regret
And an endless amount of love
For me to forget.

38 thoughts on “In Pieces

    1. I have absolutely no idea who that is, but knowing that it made you think about someone really makes me happy. Thank you so much ❤❤


      1. Alaska Young is a character from John Green’s Looking for Alaska (which also is my favourite book) she’s is enigmatic, in search for love and everything you described in your poem. You should read it if you are into Fiction

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Loved this piece, not the stereotypically molded poem about a saccharine girl but a real woman seen through unbiased eyes. Well done ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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